My Art Story is Continuing

I have always enjoyed art and design and throughout my life have been on an exploration of different media.

Back in the days of film I did a black and white photography course which included developing and printing. This opened my eyes to the power of contrast in an image.

For many years I enjoyed watercolour as a hobby. Then taking up pen and ink to play with creating textures.

One day I saw some resin artwork and was taken by the colours and patterns. My mother gifted me a days course for Christmas, and then I was hooked. This was at the start of 2020. Then came lockdown, suddenly I had time to develop and play with this new medium. This flow art was very enjoyable, but I felt I was missing something as I was playing with all this colour, yet only a few results were ones I was really happy with. Yet many people were telling me they loved my work and I was actually putting some on my walls at home.

So I decided to take an art course to understand the theory behind what I was trying to achieve. I came across CVP by accident. This course was a serious financial and time investment but it changed my whole attitude to art. I began to understand properly what I was doing with colour and merged that with the black and white knowledge I already had. I took to heart the message that came through, that you should explore and find what you like, take risks and just enjoy the creative process.

If other people like your art then that is the bonus and not the point of it.

I took the risk of sending an entry into the Broadway art festival, and was a finalist. First time I had ever been in an exhibition.

So moving forward I am thinking more about exhibiting and selling my art

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