Araminta Fogden  – Saturday 17th February 2018

We had a wonderful and spring like demonstration given by Araminta, which was a pleasure to have. Although ‘Minty’ as she is known locally has only been painting for the last couple of years her vibrant style of painting with movement and gold leaf gives her paintings that lovely fresh feel.

After being influenced by the arts and craft movement, Minty has developed her own style and range of work based on wildlife and in particular, the hare. Painting in acrylics gives her the freedom to work while bringing up her family.

Minty started by preparing a very dark purple, almost black background and used a white acrylic gel pen to map out her composition. She has a distinct stylised brushstroke movement in her work which makes the animals seem livelier, keeping the light areas white using a wedge shaped brush. With gold leaf in preference to gold paint, she adds this using specialised glue after the painting has dried, and for the demonstration she Lynne Munford our talks organiser volunteered to have a try. If she “cocks it up” she walks away and makes a cuppa, but some things become ‘happy moments’.

Araminat has developed her own specific theme which runs through her work, which is more for the individual gift market rather than a gallery situation. She explained that she preferred this way of working so that it gives her a greater interaction with the purchasers.

If you would like to see more of her work you can look her up at on her website or her facebook page

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