Paul Arnott demonstrated an electronic form of Art Media today in the form of Digital Art. It is a very interesting and different way to produce works of art and Paul led us through the different ‘Apps’ and software that are available, before proceeding to demonstrate how to create a lovely piece electronically.

Hailing from Cardiff, Paul uses ‘Coral Painter’ Digital Programmes, the painter‘s equivalent of ‘Photoshop’. He started by showing us a gallery of his work which included watercolour, acrylic, oils and digital examples and was accompanied by some rather lovely music by Rick Wakeman, played on piano.

To paint digitally is all about manipulating the pixels to form the image that you are creating. Paul uses a Graphics Pad which allows different pressure sensitivity and the menu allows a huge variety of painting styles from watercolour through to impasto. He advised anyone wishing to try this to make sure the App they use has a range of different brush types and has blending tools and that the programme allows the user to add and take away work as required.

He answered questions from the members and then demonstrated a beach scene with waves, mountains, clouds and seagulls! And finally, he showed some pieces and the different Art Styles achieved using another programme called ’Dynamic Auto Painter’.

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