Why Reduce the Photo Size

  • A smaller file size means a reducing time to load a page with a lot of images.
  • A limit of 0.5 Mb per image has been set but they can be much smaller and still display well.
  • A high quality display of an image on PC, Tablet or Phone does not require a large size.
  • It is better to keep photos of print quality away from the web as photos can be downloaded.
How to Reduce the Size

This can be done however you wish but a common method is described below: 

On A Windows PC
  • Use Photo to edit the photo 
  • Open the photo 
  • Click on the three dots at the top 
  • Select Resize Image 
  • Select Best for emails and messages 
  • Save As – with new name


Crop the Photo

  • Crop the photo so just the artwork shows with no background or frame
  • This enables the art to stand out on the page without distractions


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